Forts and Enclosures in West Penwith

Hill forts date from the late Bronze Age, after circa 1000 BC. They occupy the summits of hills, and are round or oval structures that consist of one or more ramparts and ditches. Some like Chun Castle, are built entirely of stone, others have ramparts built of earth. Iron Age round houses are often found inside the hill forts, and natural springs usually occur nearby.

Tor enclosures are defensive hilltop sites located next to rock outcrops and surrounded by one or more stone built defensive walls. They date from the Neolithic period, circa 3500 – 2500 BCE. Trencrom is the only one of these.

Chûn Castle

Although Chûn Castle is only a few hundred yards from the Quoit, it comes from a much later period. Built during the Iron Age, during

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