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Standing Stones
Porthmeor Menhir

Standing Stones

Standing stones, called menhirs in Cornwall, are found scattered all over the Penwith landscape. They date from the Bronze Age, circa 2500 – 1600 BC and range in height from five to fifteen feet. Like most ancient sites, their purpose is unknown, but it seems likely that menhirs would have had a ritualistic function marking burial sites or important events. They may also mark ancient boundaries, tribal territories or pathways.

The Pipers (o/s 4354 2482 / 4350 2474)
Carfury (o/s 4400 3400)
Castallack (o/s 4540 2545)
Tresvennack (o/s 4418 2788)
Blind Fiddler (o/s 4252 2828)
Men Scryfa (o/s 4268 3529)
Porthmeor (o/s 4325 3726)
Gun Rith (o/s 4294 2448)
Trelew (o/s 4217 2693)