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Sancreed Holy Well

Holy Wells

The origin of the holy wells in Penwith is not clear. Most are associated with early Celtic saints and have probably been used for over a thousand years. Many of these wells have been used continuously for healing, divination and for fertility purposes, a testimony to their power, attraction and efficacy. An age-old custom is to tie a piece of cloth (known as a cloutie) to a nearby tree. Traditionally this is a part of cloth that had been worn close to the skin of a person’s ailment or malady. As the cloth rotted away, the illness would disappear and the person would recover their full health.

Sancreed (o/s 4180 2935)
Madron (o/s 4465 3280)
Alsia (o/s 3935 2512)
Chapel Euny (o/s 3999 2990)
St. Levan’s, Porthchapel (o/s 3811 2198)
Lower and Higher Boscaswell (o/s 3765 3470 / 3870 3410)
Bosporthennis (o/s 4395 3633)