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Entrance Graves

Entrance graves are chambered barrows that date slightly later than quoits, circa 3000 – 2000 BC, and may have descended from them. They are similar in structure but are smaller in size and low to the ground, often large enough for only one person to crawl inside.

Treen (o/s 4383 3710)
Bosiliack (o/s 4311 3422)
Brane (o/s 4014 2818)
Tregeseal (o/s 3805 3213)
Chapel Carn Brea (o/s 3859 2807)
Pennance (o/s 4476 3753)
Tregiffian (o/s 4303 2442)
Carn Gluze (Ballowal) (o/s 3555 3124)