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Kynance Gate

now has a sister Group covering sites in the Lizard peninsula called LAN [Lizard Ancient Sites Network]. With initial funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund and English Heritage, a group was set up, consisting of representatives from CASPN, Historic Environment Service, Cornwall Archaeological Society, Meneage Archaeological Group, Natural England and the National Trust. During its first year, it set up an Adopt-a-Site scheme with volunteers looking after many of the sites, and a series of site clearances at ancient and historic sites in the Lizard peninsula, which has been very successful. Sites which had become overgrown with vegetation and were in danger of being lost have been recovered and reclaimed. These include Drytree barrow, Poldowrian hut circle, Kynance Gate settlement, Piskey Hall fogou, Chynhalls Point cliff castle, St.Rumon's Churchyard, Croft Pascoe barrow, the Three Brothers of Grugwith monument and Carminoe Mill. Work continues at all these sites and some new ones, and volunteers are always very welcome at the monthly clear-ups - full details below.                                                 

Kynance Gate from the air

Drytree barrow clearup

Halligye fogou

All tools provided (please bring gloves). For more information please phone 01736-740093, or e-mail

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