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English Heritage Perspective By Ann Preston Jones

English Heritage is the government’s principal advisor on all matters relating to the Historic Environment. Locally, English Heritage’s representatives are involved in looking after sites owned or managed by English Heritage (eg Chysauster) or in monitoring the condition of Scheduled Monuments and liaising with their owners and occupiers, and any other parties with an interest in their management. The person most likely to be aware of local Scheduled Monuments and their management issues is the Field Monument Warden, a locally-base part-time officer who may have considerable experience, knowledge and personal interest in the sites.

Scheduled Monuments are those sites, monuments, and landscapes which are protected by law because they are considered to be of outstanding national importance. However, Scheduling has been in existence for nearly a century now – which explains why there may be problems and omissions with the lists. Currently the whole designation system is being reviewed and it is likely that in a very short while all Scheduled Monuments, Listed Buildings, registered Parks and Gardens, Battlefields and Wrecks will be united under one protective designation system.